When it comes to money issues do you feel shame or think you are being judged?


Most of us do. 🤫

As women, we've been conditioned to feel shame around money. Have you ever thought:

  • Nice girls don't care about money
  • You'll be offered a raise when you earn it
  • Men are better at handling money
  • Giving away money or working for free is nicer than building wealth
  • To make money, you have to sacrifice your family/health/time
  • You spend too much



Many midlife women find their views on money impact their ability to earn, spend, save, invest, and gift joyfully. 


 Money is also the number one cause of marital and business stress. (Do you sometimes feel like you are you are talking to a Martian when having a money conversation with your romantic or business partner?)

These feelings can make you want to ignore your money situation or feel unnecessary stress.

Let's rewrite your midlife money story. 

Midlife can be an ideal time to get on top of your money situation as you may be paying for your kids' college, anticipating retirement, wanting to leave a legacy, and may be feeling burned out at work. 

You can feel wealthier and even BECOME wealthier by changing your money mindset.


By midlife, you may feel set in your money ways and may have built up some money blocks like:

  • Feeling guilty about your spending
  • Feeling pressure to help out family members even if it's not financially smart
  • Not asking for a raise or charging enough for your work
  • Feeling that you have no say in how family money is used if you are not working outside the home
  • Fearing that you will end up penniless in old age
  • Being afraid to take any investment risks
  • Hoarding your money out of fear
  • Using money to control family members or friends
  • Feeling like wealth is for other people
  • Believing that "nice" women don't want money. 

Midlife is the perfect time to explore your money beliefs and create healthier views.  



Talk Money to Me is an online workshop for midlife women (and their partners/business partners/friends) looking to improve their relationship with money.

Wait, now. We have a relationship with money? Absolutely! 

Our relationship with money is one of the longest and more powerful relationships of our lives.

Is money a generous lover that delights you and enriches your life? Is money that cheap boyfriend who was never around when you need him? Is money a bad boss who controls your life and free time? Is money an angel investor who swoops in to help you love our your dreams?

By discovering your money type, you can learn how money speaks to you!

  • Perhaps you are a Ruler and use money to build your empire
  • Perhaps you are a Nurturer and use money to support your relationships
  • Perhaps you are a Romantic and use money to bring beauty into your life
  • Perhaps you are an Alchemist and can create wealth from nothing
  • Perhaps you are a Maverick and believe that wealth comes from taking risks. 
  • Perhaps you are a Connector and prefer that others take care of finances
  • Perhaps you are an Accumulator and like to stack the paper (but not spend it.) 
  • Perhaps you are a Celebrity and love how money can create attention. 

Depending on your top money types, you will have a certain approach to money with its own strengths, challenges, and even money language! 

(Pro tip: If you and your spouse are different types, you literally speak different money languages, which drives conflict!)

Knowing your money type can help you understand why you see money the way you do. It lets you see how normal your money views are and helps you drop any shame or judgment. Knowing your money language helps you view yourself and others with more compassion!  

Why I Created this Program

I started to explore money mindset concepts after experiencing money conflict in my second marriage. I could not understand how anyone could not see that money is abundant and should be used to enhance beauty, which made you feel good, which made it easier to manifest more! 

In my high net worth divorce coaching practice, I learned how people's money stories had a greater impact on their perception of wealth than their actual bank balance. I had very wealthy women worry about their long term financial security even though their money would last for several generations even if major mistakes were made. I saw women without significant wealth view themselves as very wealthy and saw them making boss moves that would serve them well financially. 

It reinforced that money issues have little to do with money. 

I discovered the Sacred Money Archetypes trainings by Kendall Summerhawk and found the material groundbreaking! It uses easy to understand archetypes to show patterns of complex money behavior. There is nothing I love more than a coaching tool that makes the complicated material easy to understand! So I became licensed to provide the training and then bundled that with the techniques I learned for addressing and calming money fears in my  Trauma of Money facilitator training.

And I put it all in a video-based workshop so you can access all of this information from the comfort of your home! 




I want to help midlife women like you feel more comfortable talking about money without feeling any shame.

You won't be made to feel bad about ordering a latte in this coaching space! 

move forward into the next season with confidence, whether that into a job, entrepreneurship or into the philanthropic world. If you don't know your own worth going into a new season, it can be hard to course correct, so I want you to feel as good about yourself and your skills as possible. It does not matter how good your resume or pitch deck or business plan is if you don't value yourself and what you have to offer. 

This biggest takeaway of this program is the ability to have more powerful and positive money conversations with loved ones (and yourself!) 

(And that healthy money mindset can help you grow your wealth.)




This program will help you:

  • understand your money type through taking the Sacred Money Archetype Assessment (included in price)
  • Understand how to interpret the types through the video interpretation of the included type cards
  • Learn how the money types impact each area of your life (and business)
  • Learn how money types impact conversations about money with loved ones. 
  • Receive the exact script to use when having money conversations to decrease conflict and increase understanding
  • Raise your confidence in having money discussions as you drop any money shame
  • Learn somatic techniques to help calm your nervous system in times of money stress

What you get:

  • Three videos to watch in the comfort of your home
  • Access to the Sacred Money Archetypes assessment tool (use as many times as you wish)
  • Worksheets to help you apply the money types to your life
  • The exact script to foster money productive money conversations

Our policy is no refunds on digital products. If you are having trouble accessing the product, please email us at [email protected] for assistance. I deeply believe in all of my programs and have seen the coaching techniques work personally and professionally. I can't guarantee or warrant results or increased income and this program is not a substitute for financial advice, legal opinion or medical/mental health help. 

This program is perfect for you if:

  • You want to shed money guilt 
  • You want to start to tackle the money blocks holding you back from your best life
  • You want to have better money conversations
  • You want to clear blocks that are holding you back from the success you desire

Start writing a better money story today!

Normally this program is $88 USD but I'm passionate about helping women feel better about their money. I'm offering this program for an unprecedented $18 for a limited time. 

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