Is Life Coaching the Same as Therapy?

No! Life Coaching is meant for people to seek clarity about their wants and needs and then to put an action plan into place to move towards that. Life Coaches do not deal with depression and anxiety or past trauma even though many purport to do just that. I am a Trauma informed coach and if I recognize that you would be better served by a therapist, we will pause our work while you meet with a mental health professional. I am pro-psychiatry, pro-psychology and pro-medication, personally and professionally. I don’t believe there should be any stigma in seeking mental health help: I’ve been open about my own journey though post-partum depression and general anxiety.

Can anyone become a life coach?

Yup. There is really no blanket regulation. Some of my coaching certifications took months and were mentor & peer reviewed and others were a weekend course on the internet. 


A lot of my coaching training came from when I worked in Training and Development for a Fortune 500 company over four years when I started my career. Many of the corporate training tools translate well to personal development. I’ve layered onto that coaching-specific licenses and certification. I have my MBA and I’ve written a book about decision making that’s been taught at the University of Toronto and Case Western. 

Do you do private coaching?

Each year, I work with a handful of clients to do private coaching. I work across the globe via phone and Zoom sessions from the privacy of your home or office. I typically have a waitlist. 

Do you offer free consultations?

Many coaches offer free consultations. Spoiler alert: they are fairly high pressure one-on-on sales pitches, not free coaching. I don’t like them and I don’t do them. I connect with potential clients through word of mouth and through my writing and speaking.

What should I give up to afford coaching?

I’ve heard coaches recommend giving up therapy or taking on credit card debt to afford coaching. I do not recommend this. Life coaching is a luxury and I don’t recommend taking on any financial stress to do it. There is lot of free content on YouTube and Tik Tok that is pretty good. If you are an empty nester who feels stuck, I think that spending money on a coaching package is a better use of funds than spending it on another spa weekend or handbag, but that’s my personal preference. If you are looking for a way to access some of my coaching tools, you can also subscribe to my newsletter below to grab some free tips.