Cultivate Joy, Purpose & Wealth in Midlife

Midlife is a time when a lot of women want to make a major shift: they want to return to work, change careers, or start a business. The courses below will give you everything you need to get started! 

Open Courses

Entrepreneur Atelier

Are you a midlife woman with a great business idea and would love mentoring and coaching support as you launch? Are you feeling stuck in your business and would like help getting to the next level? Join this small coaching container with 1:1 coaching, office hours support and more. 

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Most courses open once per year. Get on the waitlist to find out when doors open and to get an early buyer discount. (Once you purchase a course, it's open to you year round.)

Back to Werk

Are you looking at making a major change in midlife like going back to work or starting a business. Back to Werk is a group coaching container to help you find your midlife purpose through vocational testing tools, exercises, journaling prompts, group discussions, coaching Q&As and more. 

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From Guilty to Golden

Are you a midlife mom wanting to put yourself back on the agenda. From Guilty to Golden is a workshop focusing on helping you get over the blocks preventing you from pursuing your dreams, gain your family's support and find the courage to pursue a new path. 

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Wealth Detox

Fall in love with your money in midlife. Most money courses focus on the lack of money: getting out of debt or  budgeting. But what if you have "enough" money or are wealthy and still have an unhealthy relationship with money. Whether you have a complicated inheritance, make money in a job you dislike, or are managing your divorce settlement, healing your relationship with money can bring joy to your wealth. This course will help you detoxify your money.