Brand You: How Midlife Branding Can Help You Change Jobs or Return to Work

branding Aug 29, 2022

As Gen X women, we did not grow up with the idea of personal brands. Brands were Coke and Nike, not us. But times have changed, and not just for influencers. 

Your brand is how you want to present yourself to the world. In a work context, this can be how you want to appear to your boss, prospective employer, or clients. 

If you are returning to work or have worked for a company for a long time and want to make a change, it can be helpful to view your work self as a brand and market yourself as a professional with transferable skills and talents. If you are a consultant or starting a business, clients will be looking at your personal brand to help them understand your business. If you are in a company and happy with your job, it can also be helpful to cultivate this mindset as you position yourself for promotions or raises. At the end of the day, you are in charge of your career: not your company and taking care of your own brand can help you maintain job security down the road. 

If you want to create your own work brand, here are some ways to get started:

Define your Brand.

When you think of branding yourself, you can ask yourself these questions

How can you describe your work self in two or three sentences?

What makes you unique?

What skills and talents do you have?

What comes easily to you?

What motivates you? 

Where have you cultivated expertise?

What are your values?

What is your vision of yourself?

Who are you when you are being your most authentic self?

What can you do better than most other people? 

Try to think of everything in terms of transferable skills. Skills you pick up in your personal like can translate to the corporate world. Corporate skills can be useful in entrepreneurship. You get to make connections between what you can do and what the world will pay for and maximize your potential. 

An excellent tool to get to know your business self a little better is to take the FREE Sacred Money Archetypes quiz.  It will tell you how you naturally like to earn money, which is part of your personal brand at work. 

Refining Your Brand.

You can think of your brand like a filter and when it comes to making decisions or taking action, you can see if what you are contemplating fits with your brand. Then, see how it feels. See how it feels to say yes or no to certain things and if it feels like you. Being a brand is not about being a stereotype or limiting your options. It's about being deliberate in the choices you make at work or in business. 

As you start to put your brand in the world, you can see what parts resonate. You can put more emphasis on the parts that allow you to earn money with ease and try to do less of the parts that feel like drudgery. 

Sharing Your Brand.

Once you start to get a sense of who you are, you can share your message with the world. Here are some places to get started:

LinkedIn. Having a LinkedIn profile does not mean you are looking for a job. It simply means that you are working or have your own business and are using it as a networking tool. LinkedIn

Media interviews. If you are with a company, you will usually have to clear any mentions of the company with the marketing department, but sometimes your company is happy for the positive press, particularly with an industry publication.

Write for trade publications and If you are between jobs, work as a consultant, or starting a business, being mentioned in the press or a trade journal is one of the best ways of establishing yourself as an expert in your field. 

Authoring a book. These days, it's very easy to write a short ebook or distribute a physical book through Amazon and/or Ingram. Being an author can help you establish credibility and expertise

Update your resume every year and view it like a prospective employer. Ever year you should update your resume and LinkedIn profile. Take a look at internal postings of career ads and

Blog/Podcast. As long as it does not run afoul of company policy, you can have your own blog or podcast. Do you know about marketing, sales technique, recruiting or cybersecurity? You can set up a blog or podcast for free to establish your expertise. 

Social media. You can use an Instagram profile to position yourself as an expert in an industry or subject matter. You can keep in separate from your personal account but sharing some curated personal touches can be good. 


Branding is supposed to be fun. If you see yourself as a brand, you can be a little less personal about your strengths and weaknesses and how people perceive you. You can play with creating a work and business self that helps you feel joyful and empowered.